together we will evolve...

this single statement intimately explains my greatest personal philosophy. my website is an extension of my person and it too has evolved to become as diverse as my interests.

important information showcases my graphic, design, and orgainzational skills while describing my interests & experiences. every time i update my website it gets better and better!

i have made arrangements to return to my artists roots by focusing much of my time on fine woodworking projects, many of which are featured here. i haven't lost interest in my many computer projects, but have simply broadened my knowledge, skill and project list!

should you have any questions about any of my projects please do not hesitate to contact me.

news items

2009.04.10 ~ i have added some new woodworking projects, and continue to post completed projects on my lumberjocks page as well. enjoy!

2009.03.22 ~ added an awesome new CSS layout i call 'Lake'. its a photo taken of Quaker Lake the day we decided to ride our bikes around it! Enjoy!

new media

Tool Plane Blade Steel


Elizabeth Pantry (Pie Cupboard)


Mike's Musicians Stools (4)


license information

unless noted all content is copyright mike hacker. images, data, and media are released under a creative commons license. some rights reserved.