welcome to my photography gallery!

i have been taking photo's since i was young, in fact some of my earliest photo's were taken using a blue FisherPrice 110 my grandparents gave me!

these days i shoot using an array of mid-priced digital camera's, some odball parts, lens, and tape; a poloroid, an old 35mm and a whole lotta luck!

i enjoy publishing my photo's in gallery format, and below you will find some of my most favorite new photogrpahs. many additional items are contained in my photography archive, please enjoy!

Shannon & Nicks Wedding

I only have one little sister, and this was the absolute most perfect man and wedding for her! she was as bright as a 120W lightbulb all night long!

The ceremony was beautiful, the limo bus was awesome, and the reception was unforgetable! Please take a look!


July 4th Fireworks

the 4th of july this year was short and busy for me, yet i still managed to enjoy a weekend at the beach, and got some great photos!

it amazes me how well my sub-compact cameras preform when properly configured! all these images were taken using my samsung nv10, you be the judge of their quality!


Mary & Jeff's Wedding

Mary's wedding was beautiful, and i was lucky to get a bunch of great pictures, over 400 between two camera's, these are the real standouts, including some really great candids! some of the first few photos were taken during the rehersal and you can tell because of the position of the sun.

Sunday was a bit overcast, which was great weather for a good ole fashioned party!