i believe woodworking to be a delicate balance of power and hand tool usage, the perfection of simple technique, proper usage of common materials, and the creation of original design. this is my simple recipe for attractive functional work pieces!

woodworking has taken me many places, and these pages contain the workshop photo's of how i got there!

i am a contributing member of the Lumber Jocks Community and feature many of my projects on that website.

Tool Plane Blade Steel

having found a large collection of new old stock american plane blade tool steel i need a creative and useful project to benefit from these... i happen to have just the thing!

there are some really amazing blades in this small collection, all brand new, sharp and preserved in cosmoline oil!

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Elizabeth Pantry (Pie Cupboard)

having worked on this project for over a year, i am well satisfied with its completion. i redesigned many aspects of this pantry, and added many features that were not originally planed.

this is the second completed piece in my Elizabeth Collection, and matches my pub table in both style and color. it differs in construction technique and lumber, its made primarially with clear yellow pine and joined using pocket screws.

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Mike's Musican Stools

a budy of mine asked me to build him four musicans stools, for use in his new bar... a good use for these stout and well made stools!

these turned out amazing, and are much more crisp than my shop stools, i really took my time on this set. follow the links below to see the stools during the build process.

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G0604X 6" Grizzly jointer review

this tool was a great purchase and i have greatly increased my output quality of every future project using this single tool!

the features of this tool fit my needs well, and its small size (54" long) and easily movable base make this perfect for my small shop.

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cull pack projects - lumber rack #2

i needed another lumber rack, and created this unit in the likeness of his bigger brother! the larger lumber rack is HERE.

some might say i have too much lumber, but i have been going through it fairly steadily! every stick is awaiting its appropriate project and i am always grading, sorting, searching, sifting, and flat stacking!


Lakeside 22" jointer plane part1

i found this olde work horse online and have begun the process of tuning it up to become a top notch jointer plane.

the complete unit has been disassembled and cleaned to become a bench tool, this begins with 'honing' all parts, followed by masking, painting and finally registration.


Hart Design digital miter gauge review

this tool trued out to be very accurate and a major improvement over my current miter gauge setup! there were a few problems getting to this point however!

i have taken a few good photo's of the good and the bad aspects of this product, please read the full review...


low cost cyclone dust collector

i have been working on this project for quite some time, and have finally gotten it working very well and wish to share my simple design.

this is my first version, and already i have plans for the second! some things need to be improved, but realistically this unit works really really well!


cutting lumber with my father

this great beast of a tree fell into the road in front of our home and required removal. most of it will become very beautiful firewood, and a few lucky pieces will end up as some fine furniture!

it was a ton of work getting these sections up from the gully at the base, but we got them all out without incident!


scrap wood projects - jointer mallets

made from scrap fire wood, the heads are white ash, and the handles are cherry! these two mallets should work well for my chisel and jointing needs!

i finished these mallets with three coats of water based Polycrylic, they turned out good and have little to no wear marks after a few weeks of use!


cull pack projects - saw stools

another successful cull pack project, this time sawing stools! sized perfectly for hand sawing at my knee level and joined using pocket hole screws.

i really like the pocket hole screws for shop projects. if something should happen i could easily reclaim the screws or repair the piece simply by unscrewing!


woodworking archives

if you were looking for a particular image or article, older items are located in my woodworking archive. thanks for looking!

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