cull pack projects - lumber rack

made entirely from cull pack lumber! this rack has been assembled to safely store my lumber, both dimensional and sheet goods! and more!

i borrowed a few ideas from other lumber rack designs, mine came together quickly using a double arm design and triple rack span. it is a completely freestanding rack joined using screws and some glue. its way strong!

each rack is comprised of four main arms, increasing in size from top to bottom (2x4, 2x6, 2x6, 2x8) and two 2x6 support beams. the support beams are notched 1" on each side to receive the arms. each arm is glued and screwed straight into the support beams square, this is where i needed some big pipe clamps!

after assembling all three racks i cut 8 cross member supports out of 2x6 stock and joined the racks together. i pocket holed each 2" (rough dimension) cross member at a depth of 3/4" on both sides! you may have noticed that i cut some corners and used a limited amount of 3" kreg screws, and the rest were 3" drywall screws. always drive the real pocket hole screw home first, then use the others as insurance.

it was at this time that i realized that positioning these supports allowed me to store flat goods within a very obvious wasted space, the height of each arm! properly positioning each cross member at the bottom of each arm allows you to place flat goods across the cross members!

i got excited and loaded some lumber to test its strength, then took some photos. in the early photos i was only using 8 cross members, and it was VERY STRONG. later i added the other 8 (the middle) cross members and lots more lumber! this was not a problem, my lumber rack is a BEAST!