cull pack projects - lumber rack 2

i did it again and made it entirely from cull pack lumber! this rack was needed for my growing sticker & recycled pallet collection!

if you can't tell i have been harvesting lots of pallets, and have no good storage for this sized stick. i decided to make a double unit cantileaver rack and it came out really well!

material used was all cull lumber, and completing this entire unit should take under 3 total hours. rough joinery using screw fasteners and pocket hole joints ensures a simple and strong unit!

this time around i have taken photo's of the simple notching technique used, and the tools needed couldn't be simpler! thats my grandfathers saw, from back in time when Black&Decker made really sturdy quality tools!

i also decided to use all 2.5" kregg self tapping, heat treated, "blue" pocket hole screws. at under $5 per 50 count these are really worth the cost for peace of mind. i have _never_ stripped or broke one of these screws and will continue to buy them happily!

i have filled my rack to the max and have had no problems getting to any specific piece, and once again use the space between the cantilever arms to store flat goods!