lumber cutting with dad

the last big weather system downed this beauty, and all without a sound! it measured approximately 190 feet tall, and 30 inches at its widest spot! this was a GRAND Ole Hickory tree, the old man proclaimed "it will destroy my blades..", i had only asked for eight or so feet milled!

it fell right into the road and required removal which was completed in one weekend, almost! the lower section was very dificult to remove out of the lower gully. all sections were rolled out manually, uphill, and loaded on a trailer for removal leaving little impact on the area, save some foot prints and saw chips.

this Hickory tree will mostly be used for firewood, and we saved a few choice sections to have milled down for some lumber! notice the template stick in the one photo, that ensures all sections are the same width for greater stacking and spliting firewood registration.

an amazing trait of hickory: its one of the only woods who retains the outer bark once dry! can't wait to see what will become of that lumber, the outter edge is beautiful!