6" Grizzly jointer review

i really needed to get a tool like this into my shop, and i am very happy to state this is my first jointer, and mighty nice tool indeed! i am very spoiled to have something this nice at my disposal!

Grizzly was selling these units as blem's through their eBay storefront. the cost savings was substantial and it was stated that the paint was uneven, blotchy, and not up to Grizzly standards. the tool still carried a full factory warranty on all parts other than the paint finish. I decided to take a chance!

i purchased my unit using paypal and patiently awaited delivery, which was going to require some assistance from my good friend Johnathan. we decided to drive to the trucking dock to pickup the tool, and they happily loaded it into my pickup truck with a fork.

we carried the unit inside and setup only took an hour or so until we were making chips! and this beauty made lots of really nice chips!

the packaging of the tool had been damaged, as it appeared that it had been pierced by a fork (something i have seen done lots of times, but have never done myself!). the only spot that it appears was scratched was the rabbet axillary table, and a tiny few scratches on the very end of the bed.

overall i was happy with my blem, the paint looked as if someone touched it up with some spray paint, but otherwise the tool was very, very well made and defect free.

setup was simple, the instructions were over detailed, and all parts were included and well made. my medallion needed a little tweaking but wasn't a big deal and only required a new screw & nut.

after some extended use i can report that this jointer is really exactly what i needed to add to my shop at this point in time. i have hooked up dust collection to the tool but the chips produced come out all over the unit, i will need to build an auxiliary dust hood to help.

Final Verdict: A+

excellent tool as described which performed well out of the box, and even better once tuned up!