Refinishing another old Lakeside Plane

i purchased this 22" Lakeside jointer plane on ebay with the hope of making it look as nice as its little brother (14" jack) turned out.

the finish on the tote and knob were decent, but in keeping with the previous planes finish, all parts were sanded and will be refinished shortly. this plane will become a fully registered and tuned tool, that includes refinishing the tote and handles.

meanwhile the hardware went out for 'honing' at my friends shop. the parts turned out amazing, i was very happy with the results!

the lever cap looks as it has been dropped onto something, i am concerned about wether this will matter, but remain optomistic!

currently the parts have been masked, painted and await registration. i also had a couple axe heads and my froe cleaned up and painted too!

the one axe is a generic axe i earned cleaning out a doctors garage back when i was fifteen, the other is actually a 1950's Blenap Blue Grass single bit axe with a cool bevel and stamped trademark. i do not know exactly which model but i will be hand sharpening this beauty and installing on a custom hickory handle!