elizabeth pantry - pie cupboard

this is one of the longest projects i have ever worked on! it was torn apart a few times, more than half the lumber replaced, items added and removed. and finally stained to match the pub table in the same room.

really called a pie cupboard, we plan to use it as a pantry in our kitchen. its made of all select cull pine, stained using a special blend of Zar stain and sealed using polycrylic.

each shelf is fitted to the racking side, and supported using shelf pins. the shelves register within the opening using the rear spacers, and float out front allowing easy access, and the most useful customization of space.

the two lower drawers actually float in place, and are full extension provided by the excellent Accuride drawer slides! each drawer uses a hefty plywood bottom for maximum capacity and strength.

the doors are quite a bit larger than usual, and have given me sufficient issue to make future doors smaller. however they function well, have a consistent and attractive gap, and hide their issues well. they look even nicer with the handles my wife picked out!

there were a few fundamental things that came back to bite me on this piece, yet i am very happy i corrected the items i did to complete this useful pantry, its working out well, looks really nice, and will allow me to move on to other projects!