Mikes Music Stools

a good friend asked if i could make him a set of bar stools, and once i showed him my shop stool, he wanted four! these took nearly as long to complete as my first two!

this time around i have a considerable amount of finely tuned tools at my disposal, and the results clearly show! these stools are a lot more crisp, the joints are well assembled, and the finish from my smoothing plane is dead on.

having to make furniture from construction grade lumber is easier that it appears, and the entire process begins with good stock selection. i had to choose wisely, and be picky, and wait patiently to find four golden sticks (as my friend Hammad called them) to become available.

each stool is comprised of two sticks, one 4x4x8 Fir Timber, and one 5/16" dowel rod. the stool is joined using through mortises and secured using draw board pins. no clamps are used during the assembly process, only glue and dowel rod! Mike would be proud!

i have developed four sizes of this stool C, S, M, L (Calvin/custom, small, medium, and large). in this set two stools were large and the other two were medium sized. all four stools were finished using a custom color Zar stain, and Polycrylic clear satin.

they really turned out great, yet i still haven't perfected my final photo shoot pictures. i plan to go get some 'in bar' finish shots, and will update this page once i get them.