Plane Blade Tool Steel

now i am sure there is someone out there who is also going to like this amazing find, 160+ NEW Old Stock plane blades! Nearly 20 include chip breakers, and screws!

this was an auction i recently won, and by the skin of my teeth too! seems the gentleman selling these bought them at an estate sale. the story goes that the original owner worked at the factory and these were either blems or lunch box specials! some have mis-stamped names, or none at all, but all blades are sharp and have been cut perfectly.

now you might be asking, what could you possibly want with all that old tool steel? well its simple really, i am planing on building a custom set of hollows and rounds moulding planes. cutting blades from this stock, and hardening them will give me a awesome collection of tools!

i do not plan to use all this steel, in fact i would like to sell some of these blades, and will be listing individual blades shortly. if anyone would like to purchase a new old stock plane blade for their antique plane contact me and we can arrange a deal.

the blades now live in my repurpposed Kregg box, and have gotten a healthy dose of Kroil to keep them from rusting.